The members of the Reflections ensemble are Kazuyuki Shiotaka (Gaku Biwa – Japanese Lute) and Noriko Oura (Bamboo Flute). Reflections’ vision is one of creating music that travels the Silk Road, yet one which remains firmly rooted in Japan. They have developed a supple performance style which reflects Japanese tradition but is full of new ideas and is not constrained by convention. “The Ancient Road ” is their third album release.

Kazuyuki Shiotaka – Gaku Biwa Player
Kazuyuki Shiotaka is responsible for Reflections’ musical compositions. He has released four CDs under his own name as a Satsuma Biwa player. He performs live both in Japan and overseas and has created a large body of work as a composer. In 2009, he enhanced his experience and developed his musical sensitivity by embarking on a concert tour of the countries along the Silk Road.

Noriko Oura – Bamboo Flute Player
Noriko Oura is a member of various groups that feature instruments such as the Japanese taiko drum, the guitar and ethnic percussion, playing both domestically and abroad. She investigates the origins of the performing arts in Japan and travels all over the country to experience the live of folk arts. She has also released two CDs of her own music.


純邦楽CDショップHOW武蔵野楽器ZeAmi (新しいウインドウが開きます)